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Inspiring Songs:

‘Layla’ - Eric Clapton

‘Had To Cry’ - Blind Faith

‘Goldilox’ - King’s X

‘Same ‘Ol Road’ - Dredg

‘Bell Bottom Blues’ - Derek

    & the Dominos



FOH Engineer • Live/Studio Recording Engineer • Live/Studio Musician

Growing up with a guitar playing Dad and a Beatles loving Mom, I had music all around me. After hearing my Father play "Here Comes the Sun" by George Harrison and the Beatles, I vowed to learn guitar at age 6. Locking myself in my room for 6-8 hours on end throughout the Summer through my teenage years, I feasted upon licks from Clapton, Beck, B.B. King, Hendrix, Satriani and Vai to name a few. I have played in many bands and styles ranging from Rap to Reggae, Delta Blues to Death Metal.